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Change can be difficult. At least that's the case for most people. New research shows that it takes more than 60 days for change to happen in individuals. Even when change occurs most people struggle to maintain the noted changes. My experience as a coach, however has showed me that with the right tools, it is possible to make and maintain change for the long haul. There are times in all of our lives when it's helpful to have someone assist us with solving personal and professional challenges. Coaching is a strengths-based reflective planning tool that can put you on a pathway to real, lasting change. 

  • Individual & Team Coaching

  • Seminars & Workshops

  • Telecourses

We have a certified community coach on staff through Leadership that Works-a national and international coaching firm-ready and willing to assist you with all your coaching needs.  If you think you're ready to explore how coaching can transform your personal and professional life, contact CAC today for a FREE consultation. 

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