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CAC has over 15 years experience working directly and indirectly with nonprofit organizations. They have assisted more than 30 organizations with organizational development services. CAC utilizes best-practice strategies to ensure their clients obtain optimal results. From Real Time Strategic Planning to Participatory Evaluation methodology, we can guarantee a customized, high quality consulting experience for your for profit or not for profit entity. 

  • Organizational Assessments

  • Core Capacities Assessments

  • Youth & Early Care Assessments

  • Correspondence Course Development & Implementation

CAC is successfully vetted in the consulting pool of five MSO's in the State of Michigan. They have received specialized consulting training in many organizational development frameworks, including, but not limited to the Core Capacities Assessment Tool, Real Time Strategic Planning, Successsion Planning, and Program Quality Assessment. Interested in engaging in a consulting experience that caters to your unique business needs while providing high quality customer care? Then call us today for a FREE consultation. 




Why Don't More People Ask For Professional Development?

by Demarra West 

Professional development is for everyone. Yes, everyone. So why aren’t more people asking for it? 

Continuing to grow as a professional and overall human requires us to be immersed in experiences that are directly and indirectly related to who we’re aspiring to become... Download to read more!

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