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Our Story

In 2023, Demarra West, our visionary founder launched Be Well Beautiful People, a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping all people be well by providing services that promote wellness on a mind, body, spirit level.

Demarra started her wellness journey nearly fifteen years ago when she became a licensed therapist, driven in part, by her lived experience with complex childhood trauma. That took her on a quest to explore all things wellness as a means to expand her services but in the process found that she too, had a lot of work to do heal from the complex trauma she endured as a child. Yoga, meditation, Reiki, nature, and more provided extraordinary support on her healing journey which now simply sustain her wellbeing.


Our Sister Company

Be Well Beautiful Woman

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Be Well Beautiful Woman is a sacred space where women can receive wellness and business support. The organization provides business planning, executive coaching, training, and retreats designed exclusively with women in mind. The Be Well Beautiful Woman events are created to get you in touch with people who can support you, that are willing to mentor you, and who are willing to help to give you a leg up in business; all while providing you with resources to focus on self care.

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Our Founder

Demarra West

Demarra West, author of Me Too: A Therapist’s Journey to Heal, Find Liberation, & Joy became a therapist more than a decade ago. Although she knew that her attraction to therapy was rooted in the tumultuous childhood she had, she was convinced that was in the past, and never really saw that she too, had immense healing to do.

That came to fruition a few years ago when she turned to holistic healing practices to support her work with Be Well Beautiful Woman, a global wellness company dedicated to helping all women heal and liberate, especially those most in need.


It was those same practices that helped her face the dark parts of herself that trauma had created and alchemize those parts into becoming more of what she was always created to be.

Now she lives a full vibrant life on a mind, body, spirit level, and is tapping into the birth given joy, peace, and prosperity we were all meant to experience. 


In addition to being a therapist, Demarra is certified in trauma sensitive yoga, a Reiki master, a professional certified coach, and trained in a myriad of healing modalities that she uses to support her healing first, and then those she is privileged to serve.

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