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We want to live in a world where every individual is well.  
We provide
comprehensive healing & liberation support to individuals and organizations, addressing the root causes that impact well-being and bridging the barriers that hinder the path to healing and liberation.

Aside from offering support, we are here for real change, which can only be achieved by challenging harmful health practices and advocating for policies that uplift those most affected. By prioritizing the well-being of our communities, we create meaningful transformation.

Here we are building the world we want to live in, where wellness is the foundation of our lives, ensuring a brighter, healthier, and more equitable future for all.

Our Story


In December 2023, Be Well Beautiful People, a 501c3 organization with a deep-seated commitment to bridge significant gaps in accessible healing and liberation support while disrupting systems that cause harm, was founded by Demarra West, a seasoned entrepreneur, therapist, and wellness professional with more than two decades of experience.


Be Well Beautiful People envisions a world where all of us are well, no matter where we came from, or where we started in life.


The only way to make that vision a reality is by ensuring those most affected by trauma including BIPOC, LGBTQI+, the low income, and those impacted by incarceration and foster care, have access to wellness solutions that are actually proven to help them rise in every area of their lives.


Not only do we provide wellness services that are rooted in research based treatments for complex childhood trauma and PTSD, but we are also fighting for harmful systems, policies, and practices to change that prevent those most affected from being well.


By promoting self-healing and abundance mindset principles, providing accessible resources, and fighting for the kind of change that is intended to move the needle on the grave current reality of adverse health outcomes related to certain identities, we are contributing to a world where all individuals can achieve their full potential.

We hope you’ll join us!


Our Sister Company

Be Well Beautiful Woman

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Be Well Beautiful Woman is a transformative global initiative dedicated to empowering women through holistic wellness and professional growth. Through tailored wellness planning, executive coaching, specialized training, and immersive retreat experiences, we cultivate an inclusive environment where women connect, mentor, and thrive together. Our mission is to provide essential resources and a supportive community, empowering women to achieve holistic well-being and professional success.

Meet Our Founder

Demarra West

Demarra is a therapist, author, and seasoned wellness and leadership expert with over two decades of experience. Her personal journey, detailed in her memoir, Me Too: A Therapist's Journey to Heal, Find Liberation & Joy, highlights her resilience in overcoming eight out of ten Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).


Knowing first hand what it feels like to have systems designed to support healing fail her, she felt compelled to do all she could to bring healing and liberation to us all, especially those with the greatest need. From that place Be Well Beautiful People was born.


Throughout her healing journey, Demarra discovered the power that we have been given to take reign over our lives, turning any form of lack, including trauma and poverty, into abundance in every shape and form. Although there will always be healing and liberation work to do when you come from trauma, daily practices such as Reiki, abundance thinking, and spending time in nature, keep her grounded and living a life with joy and peace at the center.

“Wellness practices have taught me that the more we ground into ourselves, the more we can live our lives fully, and attract the very things we want, and with ease–no matter how much darkness seeps its way into our lives.“- Demarra West


Demarra also founded Be Well Beautiful Woman, a global initiative dedicated to empowering female leaders and entrepreneurs to live life on their own terms through holistic healing and mindset services, such as retreats, coaching, and summits.


On top of being a therapist, Demarra is certified in trauma-sensitive yoga, is a Reiki master, a professional certified coach, and trained in various healing modalities, such as forest bathing.


Today, she is living her absolute best life in Detroit, Michigan and working passionately to ensure healing & liberation is accessible to us all, starting of course, with her own healing.



Demarra West, Founder of Be Well Beautiful People

Our Team

With a deep commitment to holistic healing and community empowerment, our regional team brings wealth of expertise and dedication to ensure that wellness services are inclusive and transformative for all.

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